“Every solo piece – well this is Bach – has long, angular runs, often with little opportunity to take a breath. Perhaps the most notable examples are those in Deposuit potentes, which are not only tricky but also sung at great speed, as demonstrated so ably by Ryan O’Donnell.”

Richard Griffiths, Manly Warringah Choir – Bach Magnificat

“I had the great pleasure to work with Ryan this summer in the Berlin Opera Academy production of Die Zauberflöte. He sang the role of Monostatos, and proved a joy to direct and design for. He not only took direction excellently, but had the initiative and imagination to make the role very much his own. He is a natural stage animal, and made every scene in which he appeared in detailed, passionate and honest – a director’s dream. He also showed great integrity and loyalty in what were occasionally challenging circumstances, and his serious commitment and intelligence always shone through. I would be delighted to work with him again, and know he will make a success of his chosen profession.”

~ Gidon Saks – Director, Berlin Opera Academy 2017 – Die Zauberflöte


“The first five minutes of ‘Noli’ was a promising start. It remained faithful to the novel’s opening scene and Ryan O’Donnell, in his principal role as Ibarra, had the vocal chops to give the main character due gravitas under the spotlight.” 

~ Michelle Baltazar, Australian Filipina – Noli Me Tangere


“Ryan O’Donnell (Mr Gray) and Hayden Barrington (Mr Somers) give a hilarious and animated portrayal of shipwrecked gentlemen…They also give us plenty of rich and exciting vocal moments, with well-placed voices and enjoyable renderings of the Horovitz score for both solo or duet format.”

~ Paul Nolan, Sydney Arts Guide – Gentleman’s Island


“Performed with great British restraint and ‘stiff upper lip’ by tenor Ryan O’Donnell and baritone Hayden Barrington…Both performers have a strong stage presence and look remarkably elegant despite their situation! Their stirring voices contrast and combine powerfully…”

~ Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers – Gentleman’s Island


“While the music in this piece never quite reaches the levels of captivation that The Telephone demands, the beautifully hilarious and charming performances by Ryan O’Donnell and Hayden Barrington make up for that in spades…the performances across the board are quite incredible…”

~ Matthew Raven, The Buzz from Sydney – Gentleman’s Island


” ‘Gentleman’s Island’ had a narrative that allowed Ryan O’Donnell and Hayden Barrington an opportunity to bounce of each others gestures and create a sense of storytelling.  With absolutely minimal sets all performers engaged the audiences imaginations to transport us to the locations…Kudos to a small, productive and highly skilled company…”

~ Maria Kalashnikov, Whats On Sydney – Gentleman’s Island


“There are some good clean lyric voices amongst the men, including Evan Kirby, Ryan O’Donnell and Jeremy Dubé as a trio of dubious doctors and clerics.”

~ Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine – English Eccentrics